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Before your session

A few things about your session


Clothing choices can make or break a great looking portrait. Remember, the focus of a portrait is the subjects face therefore clothing must be secondary.

-Avoid bold or bright colors, stripes and patterns. these tend to be very distracting

-Wear comfortable, well fitted clothing, folds and wrinkles in clothing are only exaggerated under studio lighting

-As a general rule light clothing goes better with light backgrounds, dark clothing with dark backgrounds.


- We appreciate modestly dressed clients. We ask that you respect the following guidelines for teens and adults. Pants and dresses must come below the knee. No sleeveless shirts, dresses, tops or tank tops. No low necklines. Please avoid clothing that is designed to reveal rather than cover.


- For families, think coordinating colors, taking care that no individual stands out more than the rest, For extended families, coordinating colors works well also, although you may consider having each family wear different color to distinguish between family groups. If this is done, care should be taken to see that all colors complement each other. Some examples of this would be - All pastel colors, All primary colors, All earth tones, etc.



We welcome you to bring your own props along. This adds a personal touch and uniqueness to your portrait.



Talk about the sitting ahead of time and endeavor to help them stay relaxed. Relax yourself! - Small children often mirror the moods of their parents:) Avoid having them "practice" smiling or simply telling them to smile. This usually just leads to an artificial expression. Give them a reason to smile! Be encouraging and DON'T criticize them. Be flexible. If your toddler or infant is just having a bad morning, please give us a call, we'll be happy to reschedule to another time.


Relax and enjoy your time!